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13 March 2013

This is the Lamborghini Aventador... limousine

Don't reach for that knife just yet, it's just a concept by a limo hire agency

Amaan Ahmed
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For those of you who think Lamborghini is really toeing the line with the thought of converting the maniacal Aventador into a limousine, sit down, take a deep breath, relax. This is indeed a Lamborghini Aventador limo, but only on a computer screen.

Cars for Stars, a limo rental agency based in the UK has presented this rather wild thought of stretching an Aventador to its limits (quite literally). The stretched Aventador gets four scissor doors, because someone obviously thought two weren't cool enough. Also, it gets seating for four more people, plasma screens, iPod docks, heated leather seats, surround sound and a mini-champagne bar. Just what you thought you'd never see in a Lambo, unless you were an Arab.

Now of course, doubling the Aventador's length would mean halving the car first, which would also mean that Cars for Stars would need a sponsor for its ambitious project. It promises that the sponsor would be featured all over the car for 12 months, and even the name of the car would be changed to incorporate the sponsor's name. Not that it would affect the Lambo's identity, because the increase in overall dimensions and weight would mean it would be a brisk limo at best, and not the fire-breathing, 350kph-breaching monster it used to be.

Like the idea of a Raging Bull limousine, or would you leave it for the trackdays and take the pink Hummer limo to the bash instead? Watching the video tour below might change your mind...

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