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02 November 2011

This is the new Peugeot 208

The RCZ wasn’t a one-off: Pug continues design renaissance with stylish new supermini

Vijay Pattni
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First the RCZ, and now this. We think it’s fair to say Peugeot is officially back. World, meet the new Peugeot 208.

Pretty, isn't it? Richard may have to retire his patented 'Peugeot face'.

On sale from next June, the new 208 takes over duties from the much maligned 207 - and is further proof that the French carmaker is keen on continuing the fine design form kickstarted by the RCZ coupe. The door indents, the boomerang rear lights, the swoopy roofline, the sportier dimensions...

Engine choices come from a pair of three-cylinder petrol engines producing 68bhp and 84bhp, or two diesel units that both emit less than 99g/km of CO2. The whole package is a whopping 110kg lighter than the outgoing 207.

It’s also smaller: seven centimetres shorter than before (six cm of which has been lopped out of the nose) and one centimetre lower. The boot is 15 litres bigger than before and Peugeot reckons there’s more rear legroom, for legs and stuff.

All 208s, except at the very bottom of the option list, will come with a touchscreen system dubbed ‘Mobility Portal’, that takes care of the sat nav, stereo, communications and such. And all will come with 3G and downloadable apps as standard.

We’ll give you the definitive verdict once we’ve driven it, but it certainly looks good.

And that’s not all. We’ve also got news of a hot GTI in the offing...


Update: We now have their launch video as well. Feast your eyes...


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