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22 May 2013

This is the new Toyota Corolla*

*Well…a bit of it, but this really is the first teaser image of the next-generation Corolla

Amaan Ahmed
Car image

Toyota's Corolla Altis continues to soldier on in the Indian market, selling in decent numbers month after month. It is fairly old however, and is due for a replacement soon.

Enter the very first official image of the new Corolla. Not of the car in all its entirety, but a cheeky little look at the car's tail-lamp, which is very similar to the one seen on the Furia Concept previewed at the Detroit Motor Show earlier this year. As you can see, the LEDs have been dropped, but it still retains that edgy look. There's a neat little boot spoiler too, and the 'S' badge would suggest that it might just be a little livelier than the outgoing car. It better be, considering the fact that Toyota wants to attract younger buyers with this all-new Corolla.

The engine options may probably not excite younger buyers as much. This being Toyota, expect slightly lighter, more powerful, more efficient iterations of the 1.8-litre petrol and the 1.4-litre diesel engines that are on offer currently. Us being us, hope that Toyota does bring in a higher-capacity diesel engine that can offer the sort of performance one hopes for in this segment.

Toyota says the new Corolla will be revealed to the world on June 6, and we expect it to reach our shores sometime in 2014.

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