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17 April 2013

This is the production-ready Volvo S60 Polestar

Alas, it will only be available Down Under. For now, at least...

Amaan Ahmed
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When Volvo unveiled the S60 Polestar Concept sometime last year, it said that it was a one-off for the time being, and that they'd put it into production if the market wanted something like it. It took them a few months, but the Australians made their opinions loud and clear - which is why they are the first in line to be able to place an order for the production version of the S60 Polestar.

Volvo claims the S60 Polestar will crack the ton in 4.9 seconds, and run into the limiter at 250kph

Yes, Volvo has agreed to produce more units of the S60 Polestar for the Australian market, though numbers will be limited. Also, this is not the same 508bhp fireball that the Concept was - the production-ready S60 Polestar only makes 350bhp and a little over 500Nm of torque, a reduction of 158bhp and 75Nm of torque compared to the Concept.

It uses the same engine as the Concept, a 3-litre inline-six, but here, the massive Garrett turbocharger is replaced with a Borg-Warner example. Polestar took care of the engine mapping, while a new intercooler, new exhaust system, two-way adjustable Öhlins shocks, massive disc brakes on all four corners and lots of other suspension gubbins have made their way onto the production car.

This road-going version also features a six-speed automatic gearbox instead of the Concept's 6-speed manual. Launch control comes along with it, as does the Polestar-fiddled Haldex 4WD system. This bumps up the car's weight to 1,684kg, up by 40kg over the Concept, and it shows - Volvo claims the S60 Polestar will crack the ton in 4.9 seconds (exactly a second slower than the Concept), and run into the limiter at 250kph. To put that into perspective, the Concept could do well over 300kph.

Talking about the looks, the production S60 Polestar gets a new aero package consisting of a new front splitter, rear spoiler and a diffuser, and it still rides on bespoke 19 inch Polestar alloys. It carries a sprinkling of Polestar badging on the door sills, steering wheel, gearknob, engine cover, front grille... that's it, we're tired.

Has it been toned down a tad too much? Or would you like Volvo to bring this to our shores? If you are nodding your head in agreement, you know where to make yourself heard...

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