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26 January 2013

This ISN’T the new BMW M4…

…but crikey, we really wish it was. Stunning render of BMW’s halo coupe surfaces

Vijay Pattni
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Ruddy hell, would you look at that? This, ladies and gentlemen of our internet, is what the new BMW M4 could look like. Because believe it or not, it's a fake.

Repeat: this is NOT the new BMW M4. It's a design rendering by a chap who goes by the username ‘E92alpine328i', on He decided to give web junkies a taste of how he thinks BMW should style the next halo M-Division coupe. And it looks astonishingly good.

He very expertly photoshopped in the front bumper vents from the 1-Series M Coupe, flared out the arches and added in the wheels from the M6 Gran Coupe. See that bonnet louvre? A lovely touch, as is the carbon-fibre roof. This chap has been paying attention. The result, as you will attest to, is ruddy marvellous.

The original picture is of course, from BMW's stand at the Detroit Motor Show, and it's actually just a regular 4-Series concept underneath; the car that effectively rung the death knell for the BMW 3-Series Coupe. You can read all about that car here.

BMW, are you paying attention? Make the M4 look like this, and we'll forgive you for killing off one of your finest coupe badges. No word on what will power the new M4, but of course, we welcome your suggestions below - and indeed, feedback for this lightly awesome render...

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