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10 April 2014

Toyota recalls 63.9 lakh vehicles over faulty parts

The list includes 45,000 Innovas in India
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It marks a negative tag on a manufacturers face when it recalls its vehicles. One such crisis hit the Japanese manufacturer, Toyota, as it recalled 63.9 lakh vehicles globally. Yes, you read correctly.

Nearly 30 models including the Corolla, RAV4 Subaru Trezia and Matrix were recalled for various manufacturing defects. No issues or accidents have been reported associated to the recalls. However, two cases of fires are linked to a defective engine starter. Toyota has found faults with seat rails, the windshield-wiper motor and a cable attached to the airbag unit. The company has also reported that the driver’s-side airbag might be at risk as turning of the steering wheel could damage certain circuits. Most of the affected cars in the current recall are in North America, Europe and Australia. For us, only the Innovas have been affected by faulty airbags. Approximately, 45,000 units of the vehicle manufactured from February 2005 to December 2008 have been recalled for the rectification.

Although the figure of 63.9 lakh vehicles sounds huge, this is not the largest recall made by Toyota. In October 2012, the company was forced to recall 74.3 lakh cars for flawed window mechanism. Since the beginning of 2012, Toyota has recalled approximately two crore cars. The series of troubles don’t stop at the recalls. The company was fined USD 1.2 billion (approximately Rs 7,220 crore) in March 2014 by the US regulators over misleading statements about the safety issues with its cars.

General Motor’s Pontiac Vibe is also involved in the recall as it shares the same plant in California with Toyota where the latter manufactures its Matrix. The company said that the customers will be contacted in the coming weeks to make an appointment for the free repairs. Till then, the company has advised drivers to check their vehicle for possible faults by using a registration number search function on the Toyota website.


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