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14 August 2013

Toyota's 400bhp Hybrid-R concept

It’s based on a ‘current production model’, and it’s coming to the Frankfurt Motor Show…

Vijay Pattni
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Toyota is planning to bring a 400bhp hybrid racing concept to the Frankfurt Motor Show. And if this Toyota hybrid racing concept sounds even half as terrifyingly cosmic as the company's Le Mans racer, consider very, very interested.

It's called the Hybrid-R, and it's landing at Frankfurt very soon. Obviously, Toyota's being very cheeky with the details - including that shady teaser pic - but the essence of it sounds very exciting. We're told it's based on a "current Toyota production model", featuring a powertrain setup similar to the TS030 hybrid racer used at La Sarthe.

As such, it's got over 400bhp from a "high-power internal combustion engine" connected to a pair of electric motors with a super-capacitor that stores energy from braking. There are also two different driving modes available for this Hybrid-R concept - road and track.

It's that last little nugget that gives us hope; hope that Toyota will do the decent thing and base it on the GT86, make it sound like a one-tonne light-sabre being switched on, and put it into production very soon. Unfortunately, the front of this teaser pic doesn't look anything like a GT86. It looks like a Yaris. Or an Auris.

Naturally, we'll have full details when it's revealed on 10 September at the Frankfurt Motor Show, so you'll have to keep the guessing games going until then. For now, have another listen to that astonishing hybrid racer engaging warp speed, below...

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