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03 April 2013

Trophy truck smashes through Mojave desert

This is the best video we’ve seen since Gymkhana...
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Standby for a bold claim, Internet: this is the best online video we've seen since Ken Block's Gymkhana series.

It involves an 850-horsepower Trophy Truck, a Nissan GT-R, a bit of Mojave Desert, and a man called "Ballistic" B.J. Baldwin. The latter drives the former 150mph through the wilderness to Las Vegas, finding time to pick up a lady that's clumsily run out of petrol. Apro pos of nothing, there's also another lady without many clothes on buttered up the bonnet of a BMW.

Quite frankly, it doesn't make much sense. But it's a spectacular, superfluous piece of film. And the perfect remedy to your post-Easter blues.

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