Urban Car of the Year: Audi Q3

Posted by Manish Sarser at 10:35 am on Wednesday January 23, 2013

Congestion in our cities may be getting worse by the day, but the buyers don’t seem to care. For proof, see our soft-roader market, which is bursting at the seams. We love our cars big and brawny but also prefer them nimble and easy to park. Which brings us to the Audi Q3. When it was launched, we dragged it across a range of driving environments. It turned out, the Q3 was just as comfortable digging through the sands of Karwar beach as it was cruising the narrow bylanes of Panjim.

It is just the perfect size, and being not much larger than the BMW X1, it feels more spacious and comfortable to boot. The light steering meant it was easy to potter around town in and the 2.0-litre TDI engine gave it enough juice to easily tackle highways as well as give its owner bragging rights at the bar. Add to this the quattro, which gives you access to more places off the beaten track. It may not have seven seats, but urban buyers mostly don’t care about that as long as the package looks right. And we have to say with those baby-Darth Vader lines, the package looks more than right.

All this combined with the fact that to begin with, there wasn’t much to fault the Q3 dynamically, meant this was a recipe for success. The price was the icing on the cake. But the real reason we’ve voted the Audi Q3 Urban Car of the Year is that it is almost all the car you’ll ever need. And today, when parking slots are at a premium, perhaps we don’t need multiple small cars but a single big car that will perform multiple roles without fuss. And the Q3 does all of that, and more, affably well.

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