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20 November 2010

Video: 1,900bhp Lambo crashes

Underground Racing’s modified Lamborghini Gallardo barrel rolls at the Texas Mile

Vijay Pattni
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A man has walked away unharmed after a highly modified Lamborghini Gallardo crashed at over 160kph in Texas.


Richard Holt was piloting an astonishing 1,900bhp twin-turbo Gallardo prepared by Underground Racing when he hit the brakes, deployed the parachute and attempted to stop.


However, crosswinds unsettled the supercar, and it clipped a wall off the edge of the runway, launching the two-door exotic into a violent barrel roll.


Holt, who had just hit a staggering 378kph before the crash, walked away virtually unharmed. He was flown to the nearest hospital with no major injuries, but light bruising.


A member of the racing team said: "it is nothing short of a miracle, considering the magnitude of the accident."


Watch the video below, find an engineer responsible for modern crash-safety testing and kiss his helmet. Do it.


Thanks to Gary Javo


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