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28 August 2013

Video: 338kph truck burns dragstrip

Bob Motz’s semi truck barbeques billboard with FIRE, then blitzes dragstrip

Vijay Pattni
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God bless America, is all we can say. Here, for your delectation, is a wonderful example of how grace, dignity and subtlety can always be overcome with a ruddy great semi truck and a biblical firestorm.

We've just come across this little video,. It's footage of a chap called Bob Motz in his ‘Jet' semi truck giving a little display for the fans at the 2013 Night Under Fire event, held at Summit Motorsports Park in Ohio.

What Bob has in store for the punters though, is a short step from Armageddon. First, he cranks up his hugely modified truck, destroys the billboard behind him with enough fire to barbeque the entire Green Party, and then fire off down the dragstrip using jet power to an astonishing top speed of 338kph. In a truck. Oh, and did we mention the FIRE?

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