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15 March 2012

Video: another jet pack vs car race

The action has already started at Albert Park in Australia… but it’s not Formula One

Rowan Horncastle
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It seems that our friend Yves Rossy, the man with wings, isn't the only person who races cars with the power of jets strapped to his back. A man called Nick Macomber, who must be an honorary member of the Buzz Lightyear fan club also happens to own a jet pack. And he also uses it to bait race cars.

Nick's technology isn't as advanced as the one Yves' used against Richard - it's actually inspired by equipment developed by NASA in the 60s. But that hasn't stopped him making use of the empty F1 track before this weekend's race to see if he's quicker than a Renault Megane RS.

Not quite as epic as when Richard raced a jet-powered man, but it hasn't stopped us wanting for a jet pack for Christmas like we were promised in 1982...


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