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02 March 2013

Video: Audi RS4s go paintballing

Two 2013 RS4 Avants get paintball machine guns and battle it out…
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Well, this is fascinatingly devoid of a conventional point. Audi's taken two of its new, and slightly delicious RS4 Avants, bolted a paintball machine gun to their bonnets, then driven around a hanger and had a bit of a fight.

The black one fires blue paintballs, the white one fires yellow, and each car also has an additional paint-based weapon that reveals itself later in the film... Bizarrely, it's also set to Paul Engemann's eighties hit, Push it to the Limit (the tune from Scarface, fact fans).

Like the vid? You can see more from our exclusive behind the scenes gallery on the right.

Pictures: Bruce Holder/Rubber Republic

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