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27 December 2012

Video: building a Morgan in 2 minutes

Plus 8 hand-crafted in Britain, captured in a timeframe tight enough to prepare a popular form of fast food

Amaan Ahmed
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No, building a Morgan isn't as easy as readying a pack of two-minute noodles. As you may know, Morgans are mostly hand-made, and the chassis uses a lot of wood. Jeremy likes to think that they're owned by people who have their teeth whitened as part of their mid-life crisis. What you can't ignore though, is the painstakingly beautiful way these cars are made.

The Plus 8 is actually one of Morgan's more seasoned models, and has been in production since 1968. Usually, it takes about one full month to build a single Plus 8. The Telegraph however, has managed to fit in the entire build process in a video spanning 2:14 minutes. 30 days of hard work encapsulated within 2 minutes 14 seconds.

Enough talking. Now watch.

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