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29 January 2014

Video: crazy tank brake test

Try not to scream as the Dutch test their military vehicle’s stoppers

Rowan Horncastle
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When manufacturers build a car, regulations state that you have to hand it over to a group of people in white coats and safety specs to make sure it's safe.

Procedure normally dictates that giant Barbie dolls fill the seats, after which the test car is put through a variety of scenarios to make sure it's fit for the road. The brakes should work, it should be competent at navigating around imaginary Elks without toppling over, and be able to crash into brick walls without the giant Barbie dolls hitting their knees against their foreheads.

We know this; we had to do it with Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust. Which, we'd like to add, passed with flying colours.

But we've just seen this video from the Netherlands, where it appears safety tests are conducted a bit differently.

What you see in the video is a brake test of a Leopard tank. But instead of using a set of high-vis disposable cones as a marker of where to stop, the crazy Dutch decided to use squishy, not-so-disposable humans. Watch it below. And try not to squeal.

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