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06 June 2012

Video: DeltaWing tests at Le Mans

Nissan’s confounding racer gets set up for next weekend’s 24 hour race

Matthew Jones
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There are a few unsettling things about the Nissan DeltaWing. It's stealth-phallus design, for one. And the fact it really, really looks like it should fall over. But here's yet more proof that the revolutionary new car is actually a pretty handy racer; Nissan has released a video of it tearing around test day at Le Mans.

The session at La Sarthe is the last chance for this year's Le Mans 24 Hours entrants to spanner their cars ready for the big race on June 16/17. And for the DeltaWing team, it's the last chance to have a long, hard look at its claim that the car is going to use half the fuel and half the number of tyres as its fellow entrants.

Have a look at the video below...


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