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30 April 2013

Video: EV buggy has 1,016 torques

And enough energy on board to power a house for a week. We’ll take two…
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This is the first all-electric vehicle to compete in the National Off Road Racing Association's Mexican 1000 rally. And it's got enough energy on board to power a house... for a WEEK.

Yep, this 535hp, 1,016Nm open-wheeler's called the SR1 EV1, and it's been built by SRI, SRD and EV West, the chaps that made a man called Bill very happy last year. It doesn't have the juice to attack the full 2000-kilometre race, but it'll be taking it on in bitsize portions. And if this video's anything to go by, it won't do too badly at all.

Now watch. Then tell us what you'd chop off to get one.

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