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15 November 2013

Video: Ferrari 288 GTO goes off-road

Watch an iconic Fezza getting an absolute spanking

Matthew Jones
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Some say his manparts have their own postcode, and that has a huge money/sense imbalance. All we know is that he's called... TaxTheRich.

Yep, the supercar YouTube sensation is back with another compelling, divisive video of a mysterious driver giving some very fast, very precious metal absolute death. This follows the thread of his other videos, which include Rolls-Royce Phantom ploughing a field, Ferrari Enzo WRC, red vs. yellow Ferrari F50 tug of war, and Jaguar XJ220 on fire.

Is this how supercars should be driven, or is it a swashbuckling breach of decorum? We're inclined towards the former...

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