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12 June 2013

Video: Fire drift

Fire. Jumps. Smoking tyres. Is this what Jeremy’s imagination looks like?
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If you gave Jeremy a camera, bowser of petrol, 800hp Ford Mustang, and a Vaughn Gittin Jr, this is almost certainly what he'd come up with.

It's called Fire Drift, and it's the latest in a distinguished line of superfluous, petrosexual shorts designed to kill time when you should be, y'know, working and stuff.

This imposes certain requirements. Firstly, the car must be mad as a brush. Just like this 2014 Monster Energy Nitto Tire Ford Mustang RTR, which makes 800hp but weighs just 1270kg. Secondly, it must be driven by an extravagantly unhinged American that wears those baseball caps that look a bit like shelves. Similar to Formula D drift legend, Vaughn Gittin Jr. Thirdly, it must cause much heated debate in comments sections across the interwebs.

Now watch, then argue about things below.


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