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19 August 2013

Video: Ginetta hit by door at 225kph

Watch as GT3 racer gets struck by a flying door at Brands. And keeps his foot in…

Vijay Pattni
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Racing drivers aren't cut from the same cloth as you and I. Their internals are forged from unobtanium and their minds wired up to sniff out circuits, not spreadsheets. Strange creatures, we understand one of this enigmatic breed is apparently terrified by ducks...

Anyway, Mike Simpson, Ginetta GT3 racer. Last weekend at Brands Hatch, the Ginetta works driver was running in third place and chasing down second position when, inexplicably, the windscreen of his G55 was hit. BY A FLYING DOOR.

And it wasn't like he was coasting along, either; he was doing somewhere in the region of 225kph - the scary region, then - when said FLYING DOOR smashed into his windscreen. Mike's reaction? He kept his foot in, and continued chasing down the car in front.

Unfortunately, the impact of aforementioned FLYING DOOR destroyed his radiator and windscreen, and forced him into an early retirement, because the car began sliding around on its own coolant. Said Mike: "The collision was an issue outside of our control, yes it destroyed the windscreen and radiator, but it's a good job we build them strong at Ginetta, or it could have been a different story."

Indeed. Watch below, and then ask yourself, what would you have done? Yeah, us too. New trousers, please.

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