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10 October 2013

Video: GT-R changes colour post-wash

Nope, the colour isn't washed away. It's just a new trick paintjob from a small Yorkshire garage

Amaan Ahmed
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This is an orange Nissan GT-R R33. If you wash it with cold water, though, it turns into a black Nissan GT-R R33. Say hello everyone to Autokandy's latest trick - heat-sensitive paint.

A small bodyshop operating out of West Yorkshire, Autokandy is now offering this new type of paintjob wherein you choose a base shade - which happens to be orange, in the case of this particular R33 - and then, a layer of thermal black paint is added to it. When it's warm, the car retains the orange paint, but as soon as the temperature drops below 18 degrees, the car turns black. Give it a nice cold bath, and it'll turn black in the blink of an eye. Wash it with warm water, and it switches back to orange. It's the Hot Wheels gimmick, now available in 1:1 scale!

It's taken the mod world by the storm, this video, and Autokandy's already received a bunch of orders for this new type of paint, a simple helping of which should cost you around Rs 3.5 lakh. It's a bit pointless, really, since the car would need a proper hosing down to change colour completely. But then, giant 22-inch chrome spinners were pointless too, and they found takers. Watch the video below, and decide for yourself.

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