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09 September 2012

Video: how to park a BMW art car on a cliff

BMW needed a pretty photo. So they airdropped a Le Mans racer onto a cliff…

Rowan Horncastle
Car image

These days an army of Internet commenters (that reside in the little boxes below) lambast any slightly unbelievable photo as a Photoshop. But that image above isn't a photoshop, it's real. And because it's real, it's actually unbelievable.

What you are seeing is Jeff Koons' BMW M3 GT2 art car on top of a very big rock - not in front of a green screen. The big rock is actually the Preikestolen, or Preacher's Rock, that Mother Nature sprouted in Norway.

Parking the Le Mans race car up a 604 metre high cliff wasn't easy. They had to wait two days for the wind conditions to be right, then hooked it to a helicopter and air dropped it in. Once they got it up there, they had to carefully place it on a 25 by 25 metre rocky surface - which unlike parallel parking, isn't included in the driving test.

We don't really know why they did it - maybe BMW employees needed a new desktop wallpaper. But you have to admit it's mighty impressive. You can see a video of how they delivered the precious cargo below.

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