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28 August 2013

Video: Jag XJ220 goes cross country

Want to see the fastest Jag ever built drift merrily across fields? Head this way…

Rowan Horncastle
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In this attention-deficit virtual world, internet fame comes and goes with the click of a mouse. Consistency is key. Which the anonymous people behind behind Youtube's ‘Tax the Rich' channel clearly understand.

You may remember them from such hits as "Rolls Royce Phantom Doing Ballerina-esque Skids In Someone's Garden". Or "The Ferrari Enzo That Thought It Was A WRC Car". Or the great "Red Vs Yellow Ferrari F50 Tug Of War". Well, they're back, as liberally skiddy as ever, but with one new ingredient: a story line.

Click play below to see what happens when a young boy uses an iPad to cause big, drifty XJ220 carnage around someone's rather large garden. Unwarranted mechanical slaughter of a Big Cat, or how supercars should be driven? Let the debate continue to rage below...

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