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02 November 2011

Video: Lambo remake C'était un Rendezvous

New film to promote Super Trofeo Stradale hits internet. Car doesn’t actually feature

Rowan Horncastle
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In 1978, a ten minute short-film was produced that left petrolheads slack-jawed and liberally dribbling. It was called C'était un Rendezvous and saw a Ferrari 275 GTB thrash around the streets of Paris in the early hours of the morning. In reality it wasn’t a Ferrari 275 GTB, but a Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9 – still a very cool car – with a camera mounted on the bumper and the sound of the Ferrari’s screaming V12 dubbed over. You can watch it here.

And now, 33 years later, Lamborghini has taken the themes of C'était un Rendezvous to promote their awesome new **deep breath** Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale and its screaming 562bhp 5.2-litre V10.

Two problems with the video, however. The car doesn’t feature at all (except for some fine engine noise). And it’s nowhere near as good as the original it steals from. Although it does have lots more sexy women in it than the original, so swings and roundabouts...




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