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04 January 2013

Video: Lamborghini teases Gallardo replacement

Lamborghini will be turning 50 this year. Time for the second-gen Gallardo then?

Sriram Narayanan
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2003. Many in TopGear India were still in college. Sachin Tendulkar was still young. And Lamborghini with tongue firmly in cheek decided that a V12 hypercar like the Murcielago was overkill to compete with Ferrari. What they needed was a smaller Lamborghini. And the Gallardo was born.

Since then it has seen the Ferrari 360, the 430 and the 458. And as much as it’s been good, it’s also a sign that the Gallardo has hung around long enough.

Moreover, there’s no better way to bring in half a century of providing the world with the most evocative of engine notes than with bringing in an all-new car. Lamborghini has been uploading teaser videos of fast cars, their factory, the countryside around their home in Sant Agata, Bologna all leading to something special for 50 years of Lamborghini.

The company has been roaming all around town over their Urus SUV, but tend to clam up when asked about a Gallardo successor. Which might mean it’s closer than they’d like us to know.

If by October 30 (Lamborghini’s founding day), the company doesn’t come out with a brand new pair of horns, (it better not be an SUV), we know a whole lot of you are either going to brood or stomp your feet and throw a tantrum.

Till then, you can enjoy their teaser video...


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