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20 January 2012

Video: Lexus LFA Roadster goes drifting

The LFA drops its top and demands attention at the Tokyo Auto Salon

Rowan Horncastle
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As you'll have seen from our pics of the modified Toyota GT-86s on Monday, the Tokyo Auto Salon is up and running with some rather special metal. We'll have more from the show later, but for now here's the latest special guest: the Lexus LFA Roadster.

Not content with letting people gawp at the Rs 2.57 crore+ supercar on a show stand, the roofless supercar decided to make a rock ‘n' roll entrance. Dry ice wasn't required - instead it drifted sideways through a cloud of its own tyre smoke to a soundtrack of its own screaming 4.8 litre, 552bhp V10.

Listen to that engine. Will this be the best sounding convertible ever when it's released in 2014, TG.commers?


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