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23 August 2012

Video: NASCAR pit lane crash

This is a different kind of drive-through penalty

Rowan Horncastle
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Surprise, surprise: there's been another spectacular crash during this weekend's NASCAR. But this one's different: it was in the pit lane.

On lap 64 of Sunday's Pure Michigan 400, Juan Pablo Montoya and Bobby Labonte collected polesitter Mark Martin (doing a not-too-shabby 270kph) and punted him sideways down the pit lane.

Luckily the car managed to miss the explosives, mechanics and pit girls that normally reside there, as the 53-year-old veteran came to a hefty stop by t-boning a dividing wall - smashing his oil tank like a piñata full of flammable, lubricated treats.

Thankfully nobody was hurt: watch it for yourself below.

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