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25 June 2013

Video: New ‘Rush’ featurette

More from the upcoming F1 film on the '76 Hunt vs Lauda battle

Vijay Pattni
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You probably know quite a lot about Ron Howard's upcoming movie Rush. If you don't, you probably don't read much of, or indeed The Internet at large (and as a consequence, probably have more time with like, life and stuff).

For those rare few, it's a take on the classic rivalry between McLaren's James Hunt, and Ferrari's Niki Lauda, specifically focusing on the 1976 championship and that crash at the Nürburgring that nearly claimed Lauda's life.

Have a peek at the video below, then head to the links for more Rush related goodness. And a talking point to wile away the afternoon: we've had Senna vs Prost in last year's excellent Senna documentary, and now we've got Hunt vs Lauda. Which other rivalries are worthy of the silver screen treatment?


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