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17 September 2013

Video: record monster truck jump

Watch Joe Sylvester jump a 1400hp truck 72.42 metres at 137kph…

Matthew Jones
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"We're gonna keep jumping the truck ‘til we break the record, or break the truck." Not our words (surprisingly), but the words of Joe Sylvester, driver of Bad Habit, a 4535kg, 1400hp monster truck that's just broken the world record monster truck distance jump at the Cornfield 500.

Yep, this Ram-bodied giant managed to jump 72.42 metres - that's more than 42 Richard Hammonds. Sylvester hit the launch ramp at 137kph, only 1.6kph short of the current monster truck land-speed record, and landed so violently he destroyed Bad Habit's front suspension. And some of, er, America...

Sylvester says: "The level of risk is about as high as you can go in a monster truck. I can't really think of anything else that would be higher risk than that. If you crash at that speed and from that height it's pretty devastating".

Having first claimed the record in 2010 with a 63.39-metre jump, he doesn't think he'll have to defend it any time soon. "It's not a matter of difficulty. It's if they've got the balls to hit a jump at 137 kilometres per hour, and as far as I know there's not anybody ready to step up and take that kind of a chance yet."

Now watch.

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