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30 August 2012

Video: Singapore apartments get sky garage

This may well be THE most awesome off-street parking spot… in the world.
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Attention The Rich - isn't it a frightful bore to park your precious drop-top roller skate in the city where it could be interfered with by some pesky proletarians? Panic not, because Hamilton Scotts has just introduced Sky Garage Apartments - flats with special parking spots just outside the living room, whatever floor you're on.

The Singapore-based high-rise has a biometrically controlled lift that delivers your car right up to your flat, where you can ogle its beauty from the comfort of your underpants. Just roll up outside, swipe your thumb on the scanner and your car will be outside your living room by the time you've whipped yourself up a refreshing post-work shandy.

What price for such convenience? Sky Garage Apartments start at Rs 41.83 crore for a two-car garage, and end at Rs 133.88 crore for a penthouse with four parking bays.

Wish you'd not bunked off economics lessons? And lived in Singapore? Yeah, us too...

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