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20 March 2013

Video: the coolest Mustang…in the world?

Watch the birth of a ‘69 Boss Mustang with a 777hp engine from Mario Andretti’s Can-Am race car

Rowan Horncastle
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Fast & Furious 6 has a fleet of nine '69 Mustangs, and although they look mighty impressive, they're not quite as special as the one documented below.

It's a custom build by an incredibly talented and enthusiastic chap called Bodie Stroud. It's unique for many reasons, but mainly because it's got one of the rarest and most powerful engines ever to be put in a first-gen ‘Stang.

It's one of just ten engines developed for Mario Andretti's 1969 Can-Am racer, a 494-cubic-inch V8 that's dyno'd at 777 horsepower. It was a monster in the race car and even more of one when slotted into a road car. To make sure that power didn't make the muscle car a hedge-magnet, Bodie fabricated a custom chassis with a body-on-frame design that features a unique air suspension setup and exhaust set up. It's also had its roof chopped, wings widened and had some sticky big tyres popped on the back to make it look like a Funny Car. A.K.A awesome.

Watch how it was made below. But grab a tissue (we're sure they're near your keyboard) to mop up your drool, as your mouth will probably be open for the whole five minutes.

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