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21 April 2011

Video: the making of the Alfa 4C Concept

How our favourite car of the Geneva motor show came to life

Chris Mooney
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It's an oft-quoted Top Gear truism that you're not a real petrolhead unless you've owned an Alfa.

Happily, the new 4C concept - the compact supercar that wowed us all at Geneva last month - makes considering future Alfa ownership almost mandatory. 

To remind you: it measures just four metres long - the same length as a Mito - and houses the Giulietta's 200bhp 1.7-litre turbocharged petrol engine mounted in the middle, powering the rear wheels. Alfa reckons it'll hit 62mph in under five and rock on to over 250kph.

The whole body is said to weigh no more than 850kg, which is slightly heavier than a mosquito, and uses the composite chassis and tub from KTM's X-Bow. It's a mid-engined, two-seat lightweight Alfa sports car with looks to pillage and kill for and - hopefully - engaging dynamics.

We'll keep an eye on the 4C's progress, but in the meantime enjoy this just-released time-lapse video of the concept being built:



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