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25 May 2011

Video: the mighty Pagani Huayra testing

Horacio's latest – and possibly greatest – supercar is finally caught on camera.

Matthew Jones
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Attenzione! Pagani's Haagrrghaaaaagggghra (or Huayra to the initiated) has been caught driving on video. And, yes, that AMG-derived twin-turbo V12 sounds splendid.

Noticed a sort of fart noise between ratios? That's real-life German fun creation - the car under ignites for a fraction of a millisecond while it changes gear, which chucks unburned fuel into the exhaust. When the engine resumes ignition, the fuel combusts, creating said ‘booffffffff' sound.

As well as breaking wind, let's remember the hopped-up Pagani's mightily impressive numbers: 700bhp, 740lb ft of torque, 230mph top speed and 0-62mph in 3.5 seconds. Not to mention its looks. OK, so the Zonda's wailing straight-cut gears have been superseded, but it still sounds awesome.



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