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08 October 2011

Video: the new Ferrari 458 Spider

Watch Maranello’s latest progeny do some sliding to a V8 backdrop...

Vijay Pattni
Car image

The Amalfi Coast stretches across southern Italy beckoning seekers of beauty with its sun-kissed affection and cultural charm. One such sun seeker however, decided to paint the beautiful scenery with a guttural, raucous V8 roar. One such sun seeker is the new Ferrari 458 Spider.

Ahead of Top Gear's official review of the new Berlinetta, we've got our hands on an official video of the new drop-top, parading its wares on some picturesque roads along the Amalfi Coast. There is sliding. There is a V8 roar.

So, accepting that this is just a tease, a precursor to the main event, sit back, and enjoy three minutes of some Ferrari. Pretty, isn't it?



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