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24 September 2013

Video: the world’s smallest car

Meet the open-top successor to Jeremy’s P45…

Matthew Jones
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For a brief spell, Jeremy conceived the world's smallest car - a two-stroke, 100cc-powered P45. And it had literally no fundamental design or engineering flaws whatsoever.

But that didn't put off Austin Coulson from Texas, USA. Because he's just built another world's smallest car that's, er, smaller. 2 foot 1in tall, 2 foot 1.75 wide, and 4 foot 1.75in long to be precise. And fully road-legal...

Like the P45, it's gristled with many exciting features. There's special safety glass for the windscreen, a pair - pair - of fully functioning wipers, DOT-approved signal lights, seat belt, and a horn that works. But despite its hopelessly overwrought spec sheet, the child's quad bike-powered car can reach speeds of 53kph (limited to 40kph on public highways).

This or a P45, internet?

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