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18 October 2012

Video: this is how to film a car chase

Is this the best radio-controlled car video… in the world?
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Remember when Jeremy and Richard had a go at making a car chase for The Sweeney? And it didn't go quite as planned? Maybe they should've watched this first...

Filmmakers Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch linked up with skater Rob Dyrdek and MTV's Chris "Big Black" Boykin to create a car chase in miniature using an RC Porsche 911, Ford Mustang, Nissan GT-R, Dodge Viper, Baja thing and helicopter.

Made in honour of Need for Speed's forthcoming release on October 30, it features many wondrous car chasey things, like smashing through fruit stands, jumps, crashes and the rozzers falling over.

Now watch. Especially if you're Jeremy or Richard...

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