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21 August 2012

Video: Tony Scott’s film for Saab

With the sad news of the British director’s passing, a look back at one of his classic car ads
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After the sad news of Tony Scott's passing, we thought it timely to remind you of this Saab 900 Turbo ad that preceded his first big Hollywood job: directing Top Gun.

Following his marvellously 80s celebration of the currently AWOL Swedish marque, Scott was drafted in to add his chest-beating brand of butch to the famous tale of MiGs and Maverick. Top Gun became one of the highest-grossing films of 1986, pulling in more than Rs 981 crore and making a star of its young lead, Tom Cruise.

He went on to direct the likes of Beverly Hills Cop II (remember the Ferrari 308?), Days of Thunder ("there's nothin' I can't do with a race car" - Cole Trickle), and True Romance (mmm, that 911 Flatnose).

RIP Tony: you'll be missed. Now click on for jets, swaggering pilots, oversized trench coats and aviator sunglasses.

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