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14 November 2012

Video: tractor drifting

We’ve found possibly Jeremy’s new favourite tractor… the Volvo Terror

Rowan Horncastle
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TopGear's dipped its toes into the world of tractors and ploughing before by quite literally breaking new ground in an attempt to grow biofuel. It didn't work. We failed, and haven't ploughed since.

But we've just seen something that might respark up Jezza's interest. His favourite tractor, the JCB Fastrac 8250, may've been big and powerful, but it lacked a vital component to complete the Clarkson Holy Trinity: sideways. But now there's a solution - the Volvo Terror.

The Terror is a knackered old tractor with a Volvo-sourced B21ET turbocharged petrol engine strapped to the front. It has a hand throttle, likes to plough sideways and make its own very unique crop circles.

We reckon if it had a diff, this thing could do its own Gymkhana. Now who'd like to see that?

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