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12 April 2013

Video: visiting a drive-through…headless

Being invisible wasn't spooky enough, so this time, a decapitated man visits fast-food joints

Amaan Ahmed
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Drive-through visits can be quite a lot of fun, as we'd seen earlier with the "invisible driver" prank pulled off by a Youtube user who goes by the username 'MagicofRahat'. If you've sifted through his uploads, you will know that he has featured quite a few more pranks along the same lines.

Turns out, MoR isn't done with scaring the living matter out of these hapless drive-through workers - this time, he's decided to head to a few drive-throughs in his entirety, but seems to have forgotten an important thing at home: his head.

Have a quick look at the video below, and then tell us which reaction did you like the best...

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