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10 October 2013

Visit Lamborghini's museum from home

Lamborghini teams up with Google street view to bring V12 glory to your desktop

Vijay Pattni
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The Internet has facilitated mass non-productivity amongst strident young gentleman since, well, its inception. Today, we bring you the latest - and possibly most oversteery - entrant to this esteemed occupation: a digital visit to the Lamborghini museum.

Lamborghini has teamed up with Google and its ‘street-view' technology to allow people of the Internet to navigate through the company's rather smashing museum in Italy via their desktop computers, tablets and even mobiles.

You get 360-degree panoramic views of Lamborghini's 50-year pedigree - we're talking Miura, Countach, Murcielago, LM002 and even the pointy Sesto Elemento that was on the show, among others - spread across two floors of the museum, covering a total of 1,500 square metres. There are even some actual V12s on display too, though you'll have to resist the temptation to photoshop a food blender on the end of it.

And for those currently serving restraining orders from nearby Lamborghini owners, there's even a feature that allows you to ‘sit' inside a select few models (you get access to an interior view) should you need more. We've already tried out the Sesto Elemento for size. We can highly recommend you do the same (digitally, of course).

Click the link below and go waste some time.

Lamborghini museum on Google street view on a Bull Run: 350 Lambos roar through Italy

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