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05 January 2012

Volkswagen launches the new Touareg

Along with XL 1 concept and the 21st century Beetle

Gagan Gupta
Car image

Volkswagen put on quite a show at the Auto Expo this year. They started the show with the XL 1 concept, which they claim is the way forward for extreme economic vehicles, without taking away the fun of driving. They did hint that the concept is aimed at giving a mileage of whopping 111kpl.

Next showcase was the 21st century Beetle with with the turbocharged four cylinder engine.

But the highlight of their event was the new Touareg. It boasts a V6 3.0I TDI engine mated with an 8-speed automatic transmission gearbox. The new Touareg is also now 41mm longer, 12mm wider and comes with 20-inch alloys.

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