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10 March 2011

Volkswagen launches Vento IPL edition

A chance for you to drive your passion for cricket

Gagan Gupta
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Cricket fans, if you've been looking for a car that matches your fanaticism for Cricket, well, Volkswagen today answered your prayers. The big VW launched a special edition of the Vento sedan (which also was our sedan of the year), to coincide with Season 4 & 5 of the cricket Indian Premier League.

With this launch Volkswagen brings its concept of action models into India. The Vento IPL edition is loaded with a state-of-the-art colour touchscreen multimedia player that includes a navigation system among other things, plush leatherette seats and a host of specially branded accessories.

The Vento will also boast its IPL branding in the form of body decals, door sill garnish with logo embossing, and floor mats with the IPL logo.

The IPL edition Vento will go on sale by the first week of April, for Rs. 7.24 lakhs ex-showroom New Delhi. You also get a nifty cricket kit with the car. Contrary to what we thought, the kit's components are not meant to assist road rage.

What do you think, cricket lovers?


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