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15 February 2012

Volvo cars get price competitive

The smaller 2-litre engine makes the range more affordable. Prices inside

Ashish Masih
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Here’s some good news for Volvo fans in India. The company has introduced its entire range (except the XC90) with a smaller 2-litre engine making the cars more cost competitive. Called the D3, the 5-cylinder diesel unit produces a respectable 163bhp of power but more importantly 400Nm of torque. The older D5 diesel and T6 petrol engine will still be on sale for customers who want that extra grunt.

The updated engines will be available in two trim levels, called Kinetic and Summun. All trims will get leather upholstery as well as some key safety features like Laser assisted automatic braking and active bending headlamps.

The base version pricing will start at Rs 23.9 lakh for the S60, Rs 31.9 lakh for the S80 and Rs 33.90 lakh(all ex-showroom, Delhi) for the XC 60. As part of an introductory offer you can avail of a Rs 70,000-80,000 discount on these cars till the end of March this year. Volvo claims that these cars will deliver stellar fuel economy as well. The S60 according to Volvo will deliver 18.5kpl, the S80 17.8kpl and the XC60 will do 14.7kpl.

According to Tomas Ernberg, the competitive pricing was achieved by reducing the companies own margins. Volvo has clearly benchmarked the BMW320D’s corporate edition for the S60 which costs around Rs one lakh more. Ernberg also added that Volvo would be bringing in a car smaller than the S60 in India by 2013 when it is introduced worldwide. The company sold 300 units last year and hopes that this new competitive pricing will help it achieve 800 units.


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