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14 May 2013

Volvo commences production of new engine family

More powerful yet more efficient four-cylinder motors to replace current engine line-up

Amaan Ahmed
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Volvo's activities, at least in India, are picking up gradually. New dealerships have appeared across the nation, the V40 Cross Country is in the pipeline, and now, Volvo will soon introduce an all-new engine family, labelled Volvo Engine Architecture (VEA) engines, which have been developed in-house over a period of two years.

To be manufactured at Volvo's Skövde plant, these new four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines will be available in different states of tune, ranging from 140bhp to 300bhp, and will replace the five- and six-cylinder engines that you see in today's Volvos. The point here is that these new motors will offer as much, or even more performance than the current engines, and will be a lot more efficient in the process. Volvo says that producing these engines (20,000 units this year, and 2,000 units a week by 2013-end) in-house will help them stay independent, and reducing the number of engines on offer will provide greater flexibility.

The new engine line-up will first appear on the S60, and on the S80 and XC60 later on. We expect Volvo to bring in the new engines on the refreshed versions of the S60 and S80 to India sometime next year, with the Cross Country launch figuring high on the priority list right now.

TopGear speaks to Thomas Andersson, Volvo's VP about the company's plans for India

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