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10 March 2011

Volvo gets naughty with the new S60

Launches petrol and diesel variants

Gagan Gupta
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Volvo Auto India launched the Volvo S60 premium sedan today - in both petrol and diesel variants - T6 AWD Petrol with 304 hp and 440 Nm (most powerful engine in its segment) and D5 Diesel with 205 hp and 420 Nm.

Besides the looks, the Volvo S60 offers some unique features such as World’s first ‘Pedestrian Detection’ with full auto brake, Advanced Control with Torque Vectoring, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), and Laser Assisted Automatic Braking – City Safety, Turn with steering lights (Active Bending Lights) among others. The features make the car so safe, you can afford to get 'a bit naughty' with it, or so Volvo claims. We wouldn't recommend you trying it however, since naughty tends to have varying definitions.

Prices start from Rs. 27 lakhs (Ex-Showroom, Mumbai without octroi and Delhi), the Volvo S60 will be retailed through their dealerships across the country starting March 2011.

Model Ex-showroom prices:
Volvo S60, D5 Kinetic - Rs. 27 lakhs
Volvo S60, D5 Summum - Rs. 32 lakhs
Volvo S60, T6 Summum - Rs. 34 lakhs

Watch our exclusive launch interview here.

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