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28 February 2013

Volvo to make night driving safer

Develops an innovative, permanent high beam technology that can make night driving more comfortable
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While driving at night, how often do you find yourself abusing the on-coming traffic for blinding you with their powerful and ill-focused high beam headlamps? We at TopGear are regularly subjected to such nuisance and we believe a majority of you would share our pain as well. Addressing this concern is Volvo Cars, who has come up with a solution that promises to make driving in the dark safer and less troublesome.

The Swedish carmaker has developed an innovative, permanent high beam technology that can work wonders in tackling a majority of the fools plying on our roads. The ‘Active High Beam Control’, as it’s called, will prevent you from switching to low beam while meeting or catching up with other cars. How it works is that when an oncoming car approaches you, the system helps to prevent dazzling of the other driver by shading out only as much of the beam as necessary. It uses the camera already used for the detection and auto brake system located at the top of the windscreen to identify other vehicles and the area that needs to be shaded.

The key advantage of this is that the traffic environment outside the shaded area (see pic) is still illuminated by the high beam. This improves the driver's chances of detecting objects at the side of the road, such as parked cars, unprotected road users and animals. This system will be active at speeds down to 15kph.

This system is apt for Indian driving conditions and we hope Volvo makes it available to us at the earliest. Now only if the Swedish firm sells more and more cars in India, it would actually be a better place to drive. At least during the hours of darkness.


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