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23 August 2013

Vühl 05 sportscar to enter production

Mexico’s lightweight, 285bhp two-seater will be built from November 2013

Vijay Pattni
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Designed to take on cars like the Ariel Atom and the BAC Mono, with handling to match that of the Lotus Elise; it's fair to say brothers Iker and Guillermo Echeverria have ambitious plans for their Vühl 05 sportscar.

Because, following a successful debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed earlier this year at the hands of Mexican F1 driver Esteban Gutierrez, the brothers are putting it into production.

"Our aim for Goodwood was quite specific," Guillermo says, "to accrue sufficient orders for a batch of 20 models, and with the serious enquiries already received from the UK, central Europe, USA and Mexico, production will therefore commence in November."

So what exactly are they building? Well, let us remind you that the 05 is a lightweight, track day special, powered by a mid-mounted 2-litre Ford Ecoboost engine, producing 285bhp and 420Nm of torque. At the time of the prototype's launch, the brothers told that they considered an Audi engine instead, but felt it was too heavy. Plus, the Ford sounds "like the old Cosworths from the 1970s."

The chaps are therefore not aiming for bragging rights at the pub - 0-100kph takes 3.7 seconds and it'll top out at 245kph - instead aiming for something more fun, hence the benchmarking of the Lotus Elise for the 05's handling.

"We've been asked everything from whether a coupe version is on the cards," Guillermo says, "to whether the roadster will form the basis of a one-make race series. The answer is ‘watch this space'..."

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