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10 April 2014

VW packs the Vento with goodies, launches it as Preferred edition

The new diesel trim comes loaded with new fittings and goes on sale at a discounted price We have details...

Gagan Gupta
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The Vento has always been a fun sedan, but with almost every other car in its competition coming up with a refreshed model, it was only a matter of time before Volkswagen upped the ante as well. Enter the Vento Preferred edition.

The Preferred edition is basically the 2013 diesel Comfortline trim of the Vento that has been packed to the teeth with additional gear, including new sporty alloys, trunk spoiler, sun visors, side door protectors, and chrome bars. Basically all the popular aftermarket fittings you'd want to have. The inside gets a navigation system with reverse camera and a new doorstep garnish.

The Vento Preferred edition is available at an on-road, Mumbai price of Rs 9.5 lakh* and comes with free insurance for a year, along with roadside assistance for four years.

*price sourced from Shaman Motors, Huges Road, Mumbai

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