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14 December 2012

VW Polo R Cup heads to Sri Lanka

Volkswagen's popular race series heads southwards to be a part of the Electric Peacock Festival
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The 2012 season of Volkswagen's Polo R Cup has already come to a close, but the party is now headed south - to Sri Lanka this weekend. Why, you ask?

The Polo R Cup will be present to participate in one of the total 9 different categories of racing over the weekend that are a part of the popular Electric Peacock Festival 2012, an annual international music carnival organised in Sri Lanka. Polo R Cup cars will be a part of the Night Street Race, which as the name suggests, will take place at a 4km-long circuit drawn around the re-laid streets of Colombo. The race will feature a total of 11 drivers, of which 6 will be Polo R Cup drivers, and the other 4 will be guest drivers.

The practice sessions commence today and our man's in Sri Lanka, so expect to see all the latest developments from the race here.

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