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20 June 2014

Watch a 1950s hot rod go rallying

Forget your Lancers and Imprezas, what you need on the rough stuff is a V8 sled

Rowan Horncastle
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Here at TopGear, we're not averse to putting big, heavy cars on rally stages.

With rally ace Kris Meeke doing the driving, it looked majestic as the 6.0-litre, twin turbocharged 626bhp barge spat stones from its rear wheels, jumped crests and head-butted water splashes. But it also may've inspired other suitably ambitious people to do the same.

And if there's one place in the world where such simple ambition and rallying go hand in hand, it's Scandinavia. That's why we're not surprised at the video above.

At a recent event in Luumäki, Finland, an owner of a 50s hot rod decided to hit the dirt and get mucky. We've never seen an old school Americana sled fully lit, hanging its rear out with the V8 screaming. But now we have, we can confirm it looks utterly brilliant.

But what other cars would you like to see unexpectedly getting down and dirty on a rally stage? Let us know below.


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